Kamancheh is an striking instrument that you can find almost in every region in Iran.

Parts of Kamancheh are:
1.Bowl (Walnut, Mulberry and maple wood)
2.Neck (walnut wood)
3.Tuning pegs ( walnut wood)
4.Fingerboard ( Indian rosewood)
5.Nut (ebony)
6.Soundboard which is made of  lamb skin and for Contra bass and alt-version is of  goat skin

Kamancheh models are:
1.Classic model which is 4/4
4.Double bass

Madels can be compared based on the picture.


Size by Millimetre




Soprano 340
30 38 120
Alto 360
33.5 43 140
Bass 670 35 63


Double bass 1020 420 84 240

Ordering options:

1.Mehrkari (inlay on wood decorations)

Which is possible on the body and the finger board

2.The form of the neck

A: Round  style: the upper part is thicker than the lower part
B: Violin style: The upper part is thinner than the lower part

3.The headstock

A: With wooden tuning pegs ( the traditional style)
B: With wavery tuning pegs ( modern style- as shown in the pictures)


4.The bowl can be made walnut wood and/or mulberry, maple, rose, wood and ,...

The hardcase is included.