Rabab is an stringed instrument which is mostly played in Sistanbalouchestan region.
Nowadays Rabab has got a special place in traditional Persian music because of its wide range of producing bass sounds, for this there is a sound hole created between the neck and the soundboard as you see in the picture.
This instrument have two tuning peg boxes:
1.tuning box on the headstock
2.tuning box on the body


Sound range of Rabab is two octaves


Parts of Rabab are:

1.Body (walnut or mulberry wood)
2.Neck and headstock (walnut wood)
3.bridge and nut (Ibex horn)
4.soundboard (goat skin)
5.tuningpegs (walnut wood)

Rabab are also built in different sizes:

3.Bass (Jumbo)


Size By Millimetre




Rabab soprano 625
170 38 35
Rabab Alto 660 180 39 36
Rabab Jumbo 740 205 40


Ordering options:
1.The body tuning pegs in Alt version can be ordered from 7 to 13 and in Jumbo from 8 to 15 pegs.


2.Merhkari (inlay on wood decoration): is possible on the figerboard and also on the both side of the body as in the pictures

3.The numbers of  head-strings
A: 3 single bass strings plus 3 single treble and/or
B: 3 sets of double stings instead of separate

4.The length of the finger board:
A: Short finger board 18 frets
B: Long finger board 27 frets

1.One set strings