Setar is a plucked instrument and has 3 strings and is played with player’s nail.

The main parts are:
1. body mostly made of mulberry wood and rarely of walnut or rosewood
2. neck made of walnut wood
3. soundboard made of  mulberry and sometimes of spruce
4. bridge made of areca wood or boxwood
5. tuningpegs made of walnut or rosewood or ebony

the numbers of frets of Setar are from 25 to 28 frets and its sound scale is 2.5 octave.


Setars are made in five different sizes:



Size By mm




The bass setar 660
170 452 850
Jumbo setrar 660
160 452 845
Classic setar 660 150 452


¾ setar 605 140 415 780
½ setar 535 130 365 695

here are some pictures of  different Setars made in our workshop.


Ordering options:
1.fret sort including traditional or the permanent frets

2.inlay-on-woods decorations on the fingerboard and the body as you can see in the pictures




1.hardcase string set