One of the ancient instruments which has 10 to 13 strings.

The main parts of this instrument are:
1.body (walnut, rosewood, maple and …)
2.neck and peg box (mostly made of walnut wood)
3.soundboard ( red cedar and/or spruce)
4.tuning pegs made of mostly rosewood or ebony or boxwood
5.bridge made of rosewood or walnut or ebony

sound scale of  10 string Oud


Sound scale of 11 string Oud

Sound scale of 13 string Oud

The useable sound scale for the player is one whole octave.

Ordering options for Oud is very vast, but here are some major ones:


1. Simple Oud

1.The simple Oud body which is made of walnut, maple, and/or rosewood.


2.Oud with half-ornated body as shown below




3. Oud  with fully-ornated body with inlays on the fingerboard, back of the neck, back of the tuning box, on the purfling edges, and …. As you can see in the pictures.



Ordering options:
1.the number of the strings
2.wood sort for the body and tuning pegs and for the sound board and ,ofcourse, for the fingerboard